Driving Licence

Your driving licence in Gibraltar

EU/EEA Licences

If you have with an EU/EEA issued driver’s licence and you take up residence in Gibraltar, you are not required to exchange it for a Gibraltar issued licence prior to 31st December 2020 (when alternative arrangements may apply), although you may exchange it at any time.
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Useful contact information

Driver & Vehicle Licensing Department
HM Government of Gibraltar
Eastern Beach Road
+350 20051603
[email protected]
Source: Gibraltar Government


Gibraltar Healthcare
The Gibraltar Health Authority (GHA) delivers Primary, Secondary and Mental Health Care in Gibraltar using a healthcare model closely linked to the National Health Service (NHS) in the United Kingdom. Referrals for certain conditions may also be made to the NHS in the UK or local Spanish Hospitals.

Entitlement and registration for healthcare


Useful contact information
Primary Care Centre +350 200 72266
St Bernard’s Hospital +350 200 79700


Relocate to Gibraltar

Find a Property can help with your relocation to Gibraltar, after being in business for over fifteen years, with a staff of ex pats and helping numerous families relocate our relocation service grew out of a desire of companies to tap into a local knowledgeable service that could meet both the employer’s requirements of encouraging its staff to relocate and to be a point of contact for each individual from the moment they step off the plane to discover what Gibraltar is all about.

Find a Property Ltd has over 15 years of first-hand experience and knowledge of living and working in Gibraltar. We are highly networked to reliable, professional and experienced suppliers that fully understand the high level of customer service we expect for our clients, we offer assistance on practically all aspects of relocating to the area and with our positive attitude, we are always happy to undertake any request.

We provide an orientation service to show each person the areas most suited to their requirements, be it budget based, best beaches or golf courses, proximity to the office, or nearby schools etc. We then short list suitable properties from a wide variety of pre-selected reputable agents and help with the negotiation. We can accompany parents on visits to schools, guide each person through the application of residency, tax office applications and health card registrations.

Gibraltar is a beautiful part of the world to live and work in and we are here to offer any guidance or assistance you may need from pre arrival to the settling in process and beyond.

We can help with, ID registration, Health card registrations, vehicle licensing handling, import and export of vehicles, employment paperwork, social insurance paperwork, tax registration assistance, school enrolment, orientation tours of Gibraltar.

If you are eligible to live across our border in Spain we also offer, Spanish NIE registrations, Spanish utility connections/disconnections, orientation tours and sourcing apartments and houses.

Why Gibraltar?


Tax changes her year by year so here is a list of the current tax tables as at (2022)

Tax changes her year by year so here is a list of the current tax tables as at (2022)
Personal Income Tax
Individuals are taxed under one of two systems, whichever is most advantageous. No tax is payable where assessable income is £11,450 or less.
(i) Gross Income Based System (GIB)
Tax is calculated on gross assessable income*:

First £17,000*


£17,001 to £25,000*


£25,001 to £40,000


£40,001 to £105,000




*Individuals with gross assessable income not exceeding £25,000 pay at 8% on the first £10,000, 22% on the next £7,000 and the balance at 30%. Deductions are available for medical insurance, pension contributions and home purchase etc.
(ii) Allowances Based System (ABS)
Tax is calculated on net taxable income (subject to some tapering relief for income below £19,500):

First £4,000


Next £12,000


Over £16,000


Special Tax Status for Individuals
Available for applicants satisfying eligibility criteria. Includes rental or purchase of an approved residential property.
(i) High Net Worth Individuals (Category 2)
Persons with net wealth of £2M+ can apply to pay tax only on their first £118,000 of taxable income, equivalent to an annual liability of approximately £44,740, but subject to a minimum of £37,000. The full year liability must be paid annually on 30 November in the tax year to 30 June.
(ii) High Executive Possessing Specialist Skills status (“HEPSS”)
Relocating executives with relevant skills pay tax only on the first £160,000 of their earned income (maximum tax £43,140).

Great climate
A high average of sunshine per year. A much sought-after Mediterranean climate.
English is the official spoken language of Gibraltar.
Rich in history & culture, Friendly and safe
Gibraltar is known for its history and is a fabulous place to live, with the famous Gibraltar apes and the Trafalgar cemetery and the old war hospitals within the rock itself it makes for an interesting life. With its laid back attitude low crime rate and warm living it is easy to see why people come to live here.
A 34,000 multi cultural population that provides a close-knit community with friendships and relations embedded throughout the population, enables a low crime environment.
Gibraltar is a jurisdiction where you can walk to the airport and then fly directly to Gatwick, Heathrow, Manchester, Bristol and Edinburgh.
You can walk to work, enjoy advantageous tax breaks, lovely weather, safe for children, easy access to Spain, Portugal, Africa and the UK plus a myriad of sports and leisure facilities.


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